HGV driver sentenced after drink driving wrong way down A3

A drink driver who drove an HGV the wrong way along the A3 has been sentenced.

Mieczyslaw Glodzik joined via the slip road at Burnt Common at 3:20pm on Friday 25 May. While more than three times over the legal limit, he was seen driving southbound on the northbound carriageway. Things may have ended much worse if it wasn’t for PC John Cook, a Surrey Roads Policing Officer who was nearby and managed to put a rolling road block in place to stop a potentially fatal crash.

“Driving any vehicle while drunk is reckless, but driving a heavy goods vehicle while three times the limit is beyond belief and could have had devastating consequences.” said PC Cook “Anyone who gets behind the wheel of any vehicle has a responsibility not just to themselves, but others on the roads too, to be safe and take care. Ignoring this responsibility is selfish and will only lead to a serious injury or worse, loss of life.”

Glodzik has since been sentenced to 20 weeks in prison. The 40 year-old, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and drink driving at Guildford Magistrates Court on 29 May. His sentencing comes amid Surrey Police’s summer crackdown on drink and drug driving, which coincides with the football World Cup.

Offenders could face a minimum 12 month ban, an unlimited fine or a possible prison sentence. The force is keen to raise awareness of the dangers of the crime, with PC Cook adding: “With the World Cup taking place we are sure there are more people likely to be out enjoying themselves with friends and family at pubs. “Please plan your journey and arrange taxis or lifts if you’re likely to be over the limit.

Even if it is just a short drive home and you’ve only had a couple, you could be placing yourself in danger.”

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