Road melts as heatwave hits UK

A lorry in UK got stuck as the road it was travelling on melted due to the heatwave that has hit the country. According to a report in the Independent, the incident took place in Old Bath Road in Newbury, Berkshire in UK.

A crane had to be deployed to remove the lorry from the road.

Others on the road driving behind the lorry said they were thrown forward as the truck stopped suddenly, the report added.

Engineers were called in to check if the hole in the road had been caused by the extreme heat and rising temperatures.

It has not been established if hot weather was responsible for the melting and deterioration of the surface of the road in question, but multiple occurrences of tarmacs melting have come to the fore from across the UK.

The weather in the country is expected to get hotter and the temperatures set to rise to 33?C in London.

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