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Two men arrested for shooting pedestrians with paintball guns

Two men arrested for shooting pedestrians with paintball guns (Photo: Dontarious Devon Wilson and Jerric Keyantres Savage/ Source: Escambia County Sheriff’s Office)


Two people were walking down Massachusetts Avenue on Monday afternoon when a small pickup truck approached them and started shooting at them with a paintball gun, says the report.
According to the report, the suspects drove off in the truck injuring one of victims, a woman, who received several contusions to the chest and was later transported to a local hospital. On Tuesday, deputies were dispatched to an area near Old Corry Field Road in Warrington, in reference to a suspicious person and vehicle.

It was reported to ECSO, that a gray older model, Dodge truck with approximately three to four people was traveling down Navy Boulevard shooting paintballs at people. The report revealed this was the second night in a row ECSO received calls in reference to a older model gray truck shooting paintballs at people.
Deputies said as they were traveling down Old Corry Field Road they noticed a gray Dodge truck and pulled over the driver.

19-year-old,Jerric Keyantres Savage, the driver of the truck had several people riding with him in the truck when the deputy approached Savage he immediately asked “Am I going to jail?”, says the report. While deputy was speaking to Savage he noticed two paintball rifles in plainview in the back of the truck bed. When deputies asked Savage about his whereabouts prior to being pulled over he stated in the report, he did not know anything about the paint ball incident that occurred near Old Corry Field Road and he denied being on Massachusetts Avenue on Monday.

The passengers in the truck with Savaage were also questioned by the deputies. Jayda Savage, the passenger who was sitting next to the paintball guns said she did not know anything about the incident on Old Cory Field Road and 18-year-old Dontarious Devon Wilson who was riding in the front seat told deputies he did not want to speak to them, says the report. According to the report, deputies performed a search on the truck and found two AR-15 style paint gun rifles, a paintball gun, a stock to one of the rifles, a container that holds paintballs and attaches to a paintball gun, two new CO2 canisters, and five empty boxes which contained two CO2 canisters.

ECSO also found a black paintball mask in the bed of the truck.

Savage and Wilson were arrested for two counts of aggravated battery.

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