Deerfield police: truck driver who hit parked car was using cell phone

DEERFIELD – Police in Deerfield say a truck driver on North Main Street who drove into a car parked on the side of the road Wednesday morning admitted he was on his cell phone and not looking at the road at the time of the crash. The driver was not injured, nor was anyone else, but someone easily could have been, police said. “Thankfully no one was hurt this morning,” police said in a statement. The operator of the truck was not arrested but he will be summonsed to appear in court for a variety of charges, including using his cell phone while driving.

He admitted to police that he was using his phone and not paying attention to the road. His name was not released. According to police, the driver was operating a white box truck south along North Main Street near the Tilton Library.

It crossed the median into the oncoming lane and then struck a car parked on the side of the road. Photos from the scene show the impact sent the car skidding down the sidewalk for more than 20 feet. The truck continued down the sidewalk and across a lawn before coming to a stop in front of a detailing business at 60 North Main St.

The car and truck appeared to have received heavy front end damage. Massachusetts’ Safe Driver Law[1] require allows drivers to talk on a cellphone while driving but they must have one hand on the wheel and cannot let the phone interfere with driving. The use of a cellphone for texting, composing or reading email, or going on the internet while driving is forbidden.

Depending on the offense, the penalty can range from fines to a loss of license.


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