£10000 of damage done as truck smashes into cars on icy Inverclyde street – Greenock Telegraph

FURIOUS motorists today slammed roads chiefs after a lorry skidded out of control on black ice and wrote off a series of parked cars. The food delivery truck — operated by catering firm Brakes — was being driven down a treacherous untreated hill in Port Glasgow when it crashed shortly before dawn. Three cars are said to have been smashed beyond repair in the 7am incident on the town’s elevated Cardross Avenue.

Resident Nick Hagan — whose wife’s Suzuki was among the wrecked vehicles — said: “There was a loud bang and when I went outside the cars were smashed to bits. “I’m just glad it was only cars in front of the lorry.” Mr Hagan added: “There was a clear ice warning but the council hadn’t gritted the road.

“We’ve been asking for years for gritters and all we’ve got is a grit bin up the road. “It’s beyond a joke.” The truck was on its way to nearby St Michael’s Primary School to make a delivery when the accident occurred amid Tuesday’s sudden cold snap.

The Telegraph sent pictures of the destroyed vehicles to Inverclyde Council but the local authority appeared to suggest that residents should have gritted the road themselves. A council spokesman said that the locations of grit bins are published, adding: “There are two at Cardross Avenue in Port Glasgow and these are available across Inverclyde for any local issues.” Resident Mr Hagen said: “I think it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed.

“There was nothing the truck driver could have done. It was no way his fault.” Neighbour Frank McGachy said: “We keep saying to the council that it’s a school route but they deny this.

“However, lorries come down that way all the time to access the school gate.” Mr McGachy, who had driven his son to Glasgow at 4.30am, added: “I slid right down the road myself and I couldn’t reverse park when I got back. “When the cold snaps and the snow comes you can’t get out of Cardross Avenue, but the council never treats it.

“I think that they should maybe rethink their gritting routes. “We all knew it was to be cold and the council should be providing a service.” Sergeant Laura Stewart, of Greenock police office, confirmed that the local authority was asked by officers to grit Cardross Avenue in the wake of the multiple smash.

Sgt Stewart told the Telegraph: “We had a call just after 7am reporting a lorry, unable to stop due to ice, had collided with a number of parked vehicles. “Officers attended, there was no-one injured and no-one charged with any road traffic offence. “The council was informed to attend to grit.”

The council spokesman said: “The locations of grit bins and the gritting routes can be found online on the council website in the ‘Gritting and Winter Maintenance’ section. “Residents who are able to can also arrange to pick up their own supply of grit from our roads depot in East Hamilton Street, Greenock.” The spokesman added: “Drivers should always drive to the road conditions.

The gritting routes are available to view online for drivers planning their journeys.” Brakes said that analysis of equipment used to measure the truck’s speed should that it was travelling at just 5mph at the time of the collision. A company spokesman said: “Our vehicle was being driven correctly and it hit a patch of black ice and the driver lost control.

“It was an unfortunate incident and we can only apologise for the damage caused.

“The matter is in the hands of our insurers now.”

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