11 HGV men in court for breaking Norton weight ban

MAGISTRATES have handed out nearly GBP6,000 in court punishments for lorry drivers breaking the ban on travelling between Malton and Norton. Eleven drivers admitted taking lorries with a plate weight of between 18 and 44 tonnes across the Norton level crossing which has a 7.5 tonne restriction. Dan Alexandru Paslea, 38, of Chepstow Court, Darlington, whom York magistrates said had made a “genuine mistake” when leaving Lidl near the crossing after making a delivery there, was fined GBP120 with GBP142.75 prosecution costs and a GBP30 statutory surcharge.

The rest, who all pleaded guilty by letter and did not attend court, must now pay between GBP332 and GBP780.75 each. Some of them claimed that they had not seen the signs warning about the restriction, that the signage was not clear, or that the alternative routes were too narrow for HGVs. Magistrates looked at photos of the signs at a junction near the crossing and said they were clear.

The remaining drivers were: Darren Wayne Dennis Anthony, 46, of Tattersall Drive, Beverley, fined GBP215 with a GBP30 statutory surcharge: Philip Charles Davis, 65, of Glebe Street, Castleford, fined GBP400 with a GBP40 statutory surcharge. Ian Denham, 55, of Park Road, Colton, Leeds, fined GBP440 with a GBP44 statutory surcharge: Colin Frank Imission, 49, formerly of Fitzwilliam Street, Barnsley, fined GBP288 with a GBP30 statutory surcharge: Dominik Marek, 35, of Alexandra Road, Grimsby, fined GBP461 with a GBP46 statutory surcharge: Sarah Jane McLoughlin, 50, of Snape near Bedale, fined GBP160 with a GBP30 statutory surcharge: Andrew Sanderson, 53, of Crown Close, Dewsbury, fined GBP580 with a GBP58 statutory surcharge: Nick Smith, of Penny Mews, Waltham, Grimsby, fined GBP461 with a GBP46 statutory surcharge: Darren Snook, 40, of Sussex Street, Cleethorpes, fined GBP415 with a GBP41 statutory surcharge and Russell Alexander Ward, 49, of Bacon Avenue, Normanton near Castleford was fined GBP420 with a GBP42 statutory surcharge.. All drivers were ordered to pay GBP142.

75 prosecution costs.

Altogether the 11 drivers must pay GBP3,960 fines, GBP437 in statutory surcharges and GBP1570.25 in prosecution costs, totalling GBP5967.25.

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