FEATURED: Spedag introduces real-time cargo track and trace system

Spedag Interfreight, the leading logistics company in the region, have unveiled their real-time track and trace solution dubbed PeriSpoor, which has been made available to the firm’s more than 500 interested stake-holders. This innovative product allows the customer to track their cargo along its journey by sea, rail and road. From or to any seaport of this globe to or from any location in Eastern Africa, Spedag Interfreight customers can track their goods on both an app and a web app showing the position in real-time on google maps, according to officials from the logistics firm.

The new product was presented by Daniel Richner, chairman, and Dilip Bhandari, CEO of Spedag Interfreight, during their year-end events in Kigali. The service feature was developed by Periplus, a Swiss-based start-up company that focusing on incremental innovation solutions for the logistics industry. “It is our first jointly developed solution with this young start-up.

The speed of its realisation in only a few months is impressive and the potential for enhancements are enormous,” said Richner. Periplus creates the link to products based on distributed ledger technologies. The company currently works on a private blockchain solution to verify and provide signed delivery orders in real-time to Spedag Interfreight customers.

Clients testify Steven Musare the Managing Director at Ultimate Logisticts Company that follows up cargoes from various destinations to Kigali. He is one of the customers of SPEDAG Interfreight in Kigali and credits the accuracy and smartness of the new tracking system.

“Before this evolution of technology, we only tracked the cargo by constantly calling the driver to know where they have reached and of course they would at times lie to us and at times we would end up inadeventelty lie to customers,” he said. Musare added that the tracking system will henceforth enhance honesty between logistic companies and their clients because both can follow-up on the movement of the cargo in real time. “Today, a client doesn’t have to ask me how far the cargo has come.

All i do is share the access code to them and they will monitor it themselves which is the honesty our clients want,” he said. About Spedag SPEDAG Interfreight began operations in 1928 as a road freight which provided efficient customs clearance between two European countries; German and Switzerland.

By the end of 1950s, the company had expanded to become an overseas logistics company that stretched up to South Africa.

Spedag East Africa was founded in 1970s with offices in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and in 2011 the company took over the Interfreight Group in East Africa, merging into SPEDAG Interfreight..

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