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Heartbroken family of Steven Fairbairn pay tribute after his death in Texas

He moved to America for a better life but now Steven Fairbairn’s family have said their final goodbye after his life support machine was switched off following a horrific accident. Steven was on a quad bike with a friend when tragedy struck. The 25-year-old, who left Newcastle 18 months ago, was at the Rednecks with Paychecks Off-road event in Texas and was on his way back to his tent when it was reported the pair collided with a Dodge Ram pick-up truck.

His friend, from Aberdeen, survived but Stevie suffered a severe head injury. He was airlifted to hospital where he was put on a life support machine.

Steven Fairbairn with partner Abbey Green

And now his devastated family have opened their hearts to tell of their pain and loss of the man who they loved so much. Choking back tears sister Angela Fairbairn, 28, of Denton Burn, said: “Stevie was such a lovely guy, such a pleasure to be around.

As bother and sister we were the closest, he was my best friend.” It was during the early hours of Saturday morning when Steven’s parents Lynne and Peter got the dreaded phone call from his fiancee Abbey Green telling them what had happened.

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Only weeks before he had proposed to Abbey and the pair were planning to get married in the summer. Accompanied by Angela and her eight-year-old daughter Errin, his mum and dad flew to Dallas to be by Steven’s bedside.

But the worse was still to come.

Heartbroken family of Steven Fairbairn pay tribute after his death in TexasSteven Fairbairn pictured with his sister Angela Fairbairn when she was in the Navy

Angela added: “He was just lying there, he was hooked up to machines and was in a coma and unresponsive. He has lots of tattoos and everything has a meaning and you could still see them all. He had black eyes and a cut on his head that was stitched up.

“He didn’t look as bad as we thought and we said that he looked worse after a night out in Newcastle. We were joking with him saying that he had looked worse and that he could pull through this. “But it was explained that doctors had done a test for traumatic brain injury patients to find the level of injury sustained.

They had carried out an apnea test where they switch off the machines to see if he could breath by himself and assess his eye movement. “They basically kept him alive until we got there.”

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Earlier medics had asked about donating his organs and the family agreed that others should live through Steven. Angela added: “They kept him alive longer so they could get the donor recipients all together at one time in the hospital.

“They took him down to make him an organ donor and after every organ donor who passes, they raise a flag and have a little ceremony and they let the flag fly for 24 hours. “Five different people will be given the chance to live through Stevie. His kidneys have gone to two people, his liver and pancreas have gone to another, his lungs to another and the person who gets his heart will have a heart of gold.”

Heartbroken family of Steven Fairbairn pay tribute after his death in TexasSteven Fairbairn, 25, of Denton Burn, Newcastle, who died after an quadbike accident in Texas

Steven, a former pupil at Westgate Community College, loved minimotors and motocross bikes as a youngster and then always had motorbikes as soon as he was old enough to get his licence.

“He died doing something he absolutely loved, he had a love for speed,” said Angela. Steven’s death has been ruled an accident according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office. His family say he died from a traumatic brain injury with multiple bleeds to the brain and multiple skull fractures.

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Montague County Sheriff’s chief deputy Jack Lawson said the event’s owner had been co-operating with the investigation into Steven’s death.

But organisers of the event are yet to publicly comment. “Stevie was a big-hearted joker with a big smile. He stood up for what he believed.

He was the best uncle my little girl could wish for, he spoiled her with love and he spoiled her with gifts,” added Angela. “He would do anything for anybody, he would never walk away from anyone in need. He literally had a heart of gold.”

Angela set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family’s flights and accommodation. She first set the target for GBP5.000 and now donations have shot past GBP8,500. Any other money raised will go towards Steven’s funeral.

Heartbroken family of Steven Fairbairn pay tribute after his death in TexasSteven Fairbairn, 25, of Denton Burn, Newcastle, who died after an quadbike accident in Texas. Pictured with fiancee Abbey Green

Angela, who was in the Navy for 10 years, said from the USA: “His funeral will take place in America with a view to a service in Newcastle. He was starting his life here and he was wanting to stay here.

“We are grateful that we spent a couple of days with Abbey and Stevie last June in Colorado Springs, where I was competing in the Warrior Games as part of Team UK. We are so grateful we got the opportunity to meet her before this tragedy, she is such a wonderful girl and they had their whole lives ahead of them. “Stevie had recently come back to Newcastle and had gone out with mum to buy Abbey an engagement ring.

He went back to America and he and Abbey moved in together on March 1, he then proposed on March 3. Stevie had found true happiness and he was planning to get married in the summer.”

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Stevie had gone to Texas with work friends for the weekend event that states it has “over 1,000 acres of off-roading amusement and attractions open to the paying public twice a year! Mud, Rocks, Music!”

In America, Angela has appealed for any witnesses to step forward to help piece together the final moments of her brother’s life. His death has devastated his family and friends and his best pals, Martin Middleton and Chris Fleming, with his girlfriend Becs Tasker, are also flying over there.

Heartbroken family of Steven Fairbairn pay tribute after his death in TexasSteven Fairbairn, 25, of Denton Burn, Newcastle, who died after an quadbike accident in Texas

He also leaves doting grandparents Pam and Brian Willis, of Burnopfield, County Durham, whose nickname for him was Tigger after the Disney character, because he was always full of energy and adventure. Mum Lynne on her Facebook page wrote: “A flag was raised in a ceremony of honour for our wonderful son Steven Fairbairn before we said our final farewell.

Through organ donation, 5 other families will hopefully have successful stories to tell as they receive a special gift from Steven. RIP Steven Fairbairn. “Your memory will live on forever.

Love you to the stars and back. Be the brightest star up there. So proud of everything you have done in life and now in death too.

Never ever forgotten xxx “Whoever is the lucky recipient to receive the heart of Steven Fairbairn will have a heart of pure gold.” Anyone wanting to donate can visit the GoFundMe page here.

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