Low blow: Britain's 'most bashed bridge' is hit for 120th time just days after reopening

The bridge had only recently reopened following pedestrian and cyclist access improvement works, that also saw new warning signs installed on its approach. But drivers of HGVs and other high vehicles are still failing to heed the warnings, causing damage to the bridge and delays on the road and railway while emergency services respond. A Network Rail spokesperson said: “A lorry struck the bridge at 14.54 today (Monday).

There were no injuries but it did cause some damage to the bridge. “Today’s incident prompted us to reiterate our ‘wise up, size up’ message to drivers of all high vehicles. Drivers need to know the height of their vehicle, not guess.

In short: wise up, size up.” As well as causing delays on the roads, these collisions also mean bad news for the railways, with collisions causing 36 hours of delays for rail passengers in 2018 alone. And these incidents come at a cost, with railway operators Network Rail spending more than GBP100,000 in the past five years on repairs to the bridge.

Shortly after the incident, local police tweeted a picture of the HGV wedged underneath the bridge, confirming that the lorry driver faces prosecution.

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