M1 and 'all major roads in Yorkshire' set to be targeted by Pro-Brexit go slow protests

Angry lorry drivers are set to stage a nationwide pro-Brexit go-slow protest which could bring Britain’s motorways to a standstill.

Truck and HGV drivers across the country are planning a series of demonstrations across the UK on Friday and Saturday, threatening to disrupt rush hour traffic.

Pro Brexit 'go slow' protests are set to hit Yorkshire

Pro Brexit ‘go slow’ protests are set to hit Yorkshire

It is not clear when exactly the protests will take place, but protesters from Yorkshire Brexit Action Group say that go-slows will happen in and around major roads in Yorkshire on Saturday, March 23. The M1 is set to be targeted along with the M18 near Doncaster and the A1. It is not yet clear exactly which motorways and where on those motorways could feel the worst effects.

A spokesman for the Yorkshire Brexit Action Group said: “Our plans are to stage a go slow on all major roads and trunk roads in demonstration to the unwillingness of the elected to deliver the result of the people.” -> Doncaster pub cancels Brexit party but invites Nigel Farage for a pint

The M1 motorway

The M1 motorway

The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29. However, a series of votes have taken place in Parliament including a vote to block a potential no-deal Brexit, meaning it’s currently unclear if and how the UK will leave, and an extension of Article 50 is possible.

In response, protesters from the Facebook group Brexit Protest and Direct Action Group UK is organising a series of demonstrations which they say will outline the public anger towards MPs for failing to deliver Brexit on time. -> “Why our EU neighbours are taking a dim view of our Brexit mess” A spokesman said: “We are asking all truckers, farmers and the general public to make a stand and get Brexit sorted.

Enough is enough.

“We pay the piper and they will play our tune.”

There have also been suggestions that some of the UK’s other ports could be blockaded by drivers across the weekend as tensions rise over Brexit.

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