Commercial Motor Golf Day 2019 result revealed – Commercial Motor

These Mercedes-Benz Actros 2545s, priced at £19,750 each, are our deals of the day. The 6×2 units feature the German manufacturer’s BigSpace cabs.

Seller Premier Vehicles Sales, has 10 identical trucks available, aimed specifically at the African export market. After purchase an additional fuel filter and water trap will be installed as part of the deal at the nearest Mercedes-Benz Trucks dealer, where a full inspection of the vehicle will also take place.

This installation is essential for buyers looking to use the trucks in Africa as the diesel is less refined than it is in Europe, so needs extra filtration.

Also included in the price of £19,750 is Delivery to Mombasa port in Kenya, or Dar Es Salaam port in Tanzania and AdBlue removal,a professional valet, total loss insurance on shipment and all DHL documentation upon sailing. 

The white trucks have air conditioning, and mileages vary from 600,000km to 750,000km.

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