Ford showcases electric F-150's capabilities — by towing a train

Ford is out to prove how tough the F-150 pick-up can be in all-electric form — by towing a train. Though only in prototype form at the moment, the F-150 EV was able to pull along 10 double-decker rail cars loaded with 42 regular examples of the truck effortlessly. The combined weight of the tow is said to be in excess of 450,000 kilograms.


The impressive feat was captured in a new promotional video from the American firm, in which a handful of die-hard F-150 owners are invited along to witness the event.

The stunt was completed with Linda Zhang, the model’s chief engineer, behind the wheel. Initially, the video shows the EV pulling the carts along empty and with ease — before being loaded up with trucks. Despite the extra weight, the all-electric machine again completes the task.

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An all-electric production version of the Ford F-150 is said to be in the works and will follow after a hybrid variant of the truck. Though it isn’t available in the UK, the F-Series of trucks is the world’s best-selling vehicle as a result of its popularity in North America.

In 2018 alone, over 900,000 examples of the truck were sold — including larger 250, 350 and 450 variants.

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