Police find five suspected illegal migrants hiding in back of lorry in Spalding

Police found five suspected illegal immigrants in the back of lorry after the driver stopped to ask directions. A member of the public noticed noise coming from the back of the truck after the driver stopped to ask for directions. The bystander then called 999 and police cars, an ambulance and a fast response ambulance car were scrambled to the scene.

They stopped with the lorry[1] on the A16 Clay Lake, Spalding, following the call just before 11.30am on Tuesday, July 9.

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A police spokesman said: “We attended and found five people in the vehicle – they are believed to have entered the country illegally. “No one was injured. We are currently liaising with Immigration.”

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A spokesman for East Midlands Ambulance Service said: “We received a call from Lincolnshire Police at 11.33am on July 9 requesting medical assistance at an incident.

“We sent a crewed ambulance and a paramedic in a fast response car.

No patients were taken to hospital.”


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