Truck Festival bans gas canisters due to extreme heat

TRUCK Festival organisers have been slammed for a ‘last minute’ decision to ban gas canisters over health and safety fears. Several revellers arriving at the event at Hill Farm, Steventon, have had gas canisters and camping stoves confiscated after the decision was taken yesterday due to the extreme heat. Organisers posted an update on the festival’s website and social media channels, but this came after hundreds of revellers had already arrived at the site carrying the banned items.

Read also: First fans arrive at Truck 2019 Louise Gough’s 16-year-old daughter, Rachel, queued for two hours to get into her first festival, but her stove and canisters were taken away on arrival. Ms Gough said: “These kids have paid a fortune to save up for a festival ticket and being treated like that is criminal.

“I understand it was for health and safety but they could have sent around some sort of email. “She first found out when it was taken off her.” Read also: Foals hail festival homecoming gig

The teenager was planning to cook her meals on the stove, meaning Rachel’s parents have since sent her ‘at least GBP70’ to cover food for the weekend. Her mother added: “We shouldn’t have to be sending extra money.” The website was updated yesterday evening to mention the ban on aerosol-style gas canisters for BBQ’s ‘as they are prone to malfunction in high temperatures’, along with barbecues or gas camping stoves.

We have taken the decision to ban aerosol-style gas canisters for BBQ’s, as they are prone to malfunction in high temperatures.

Safety is always our number one concern. We’re sorry we didn’t communicate this sooner.

Truck Festival Info (@TruckFestInfo) July 25, 2019

Revellers have vented their frustrations on the Truck Festival Facebook page, with one person writing overnight: “For the love of God, please tell us with some semblance of authority what we’re allowed to bring on site, or there is going to be an almighty smell of burning from the car parks where everyone will be using their illegal gas stove to make breakfast!” Another added: “No consistency with website and security checks!!

Website says gas canisters allowed security say otherwise!! “I note that the website has now been changed…. and the temperature has now dropped?!?! “Can I ask how I’m supposed to sterilise my babies bottles with out boiling water?

Given the previous website post we relied on the camping stove!!!” Read also: Truck 2018 in pictures Meanwhile, one reveller posted similar concerns to Ms Gough this morning.

She said: “Appalled at the attitude of some of the security about not being able to bring in gas stoves even though it states you are allowed on the site. “I understand safety regulations however I would have atleast notified people coming before getting to the gate.” A statement from the festival organisers said: “Due to the heat yesterday we made the decision to ban gas canisters from the festival, we didn’t want to risk chance of an incident with these pressurised canisters in these hot conditions.

“This decision was made for the welfare of everyone on site yesterday evening, when we realised the temperatures were still very extreme and messaging went out on all our socials and we updated on the website. Safety is our number one concern.”  

We’re currently experiencing some issues with the Water pressure in the General Campsite. This is currently being sorted and will back up and running shortly

— Truck Festival (@TruckFestival) July 26, 2019

The festival confirmed revellers can pick up any confiscated gas stoves and canisters from the main box office on Monday morning.

Music fans have also raised concerns that water points on site appear to be ‘dry’, with the festival tweeting that it was experiencing issues with water pressure in the general campsite.

The official Twitter account wrote shortly before 12.30pm: “This is currently being sorted and will back up and running shortly.”

The vast majority of people are arriving at the popular festival today, ahead of performances from a host of talented local acts and headliners Wolf Alice, Foals and Two Door Cinema Club.

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