Truck Festival traffic jams in Steventon with three hour queues

FESTIVAL-goers got stuck in huge queues getting out of the Truck car park today, with people reporting ‘carnage’ and delays of more than three hours. Organisers of the festival in Steventon apologised about the disruption, and said traffic lights on Abingdon Road were exacerbating the issue. ALSO READ: Our picture gallery from Truck Festival

Several people said the drinking taps were taped off this morning to deter people from hanging around on site, leaving many to endure the wait without any water. Truck organisers did say they handed out water to people waiting in the shuttle bus queue, and have issued an apology about the delays. One person branded the queue an ‘absolute joke’ while another called it an ‘unorganised shambles’, stating they had run out of water and the situation was ‘unbearable.’

@TruckFestival we’ve barely moved in 3.5 hours, whats going on and which exits are open?

This is outrageous… some communication or direction please!

— Liv Chapman (@Liv_annax) July 29, 2019

Yo @TruckFestival this traffic getting out is an unorganised shambles. Can you shed some light on what is going on? We’ve run out of water and it’s unbearable…

No one around to assist or tell us what’s going on.

— Anya Levkouskis (@anyaaarr) July 29, 2019

@TruckFestival we have been stuck in the car park, waiting /struggling to get out for 3 hours!!! Wtf. This is an absolute joke.

How have you not got this under control?? You do this every year ffs #truckfest #TRUCKFESTIVAL #trucktraffic

— summer (@summericahawks) July 29, 2019

@TruckFestival this morning you cable tied taps at the water points presumably so we all packed up and left swiftly, which my friends and I did – we have currently been queueing to get out the car park for 2 hours with minimal water. We’re lucky to have some but some people may

— Freyo? (@_Freyaaaa) July 29, 2019

Truck Festival tweeted late this morning stating it had ‘taken control’ the traffic lights and confirmed at 1.30pm that the queue had cleared.

A statement issued on the Truck Festival Info Twitter page said: “We understand getting off site from our car parks today was slow and we are very sorry for the delays faced. “We would like to thank everyone for their patience and wish you all a safe journey home. “We hope this didn’t affect your overall enjoyment of the rest of the weekend.

“Thanks again for Trucking with us and making this the most memorable weekend in our 22-year history.” 

CAR PARK UPDATE: We’ve taken control of the traffic lights on the Abingdon Road that we’re causing the issue leaving this morning. The exit rate is improving. Please bear with it

— Truck Festival Info (@TruckFestInfo) July 29, 2019

Everything has been well organised until now.. please tell us what the hold up is and get some stewards to organise the cars…

2 and half hours now!

— Sarah Delyse Gray (@SarahDelyse) July 29, 2019

Surely it’s against my human rights to be held in a car park against my own will? #Truck @TruckFestival No water either, but plenty of beer if anyone wants a can? ??@TruckFestival

— Nathan (@Nathann_09) July 29, 2019

One man tweeted to ask police to help with traffic control, stating: “Absolute carnage and not safe.

We’ve been sat in this stagnant heat for two hours now.”

Thousands of people enjoyed the festival at Hill Farm over the weekend, with headliners including Wolf Alice, Foals and Two Door Cinema Club. 

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