CTA ads to honor trucking industry workers

One of the CTA ads planned for the National Trucking Week. TORONTO, Ont. – The Canadian Trucking Alliance will mark the National Trucking Week with a series of advertisements paying tribute to those working in the industry. The ads will be published during Sept.

1-7 in various English and French-language trucking and supply chain trade magazines. “The ads serve as a reminder to respect and celebrate the incredible contributions of Canada’s truck drivers and transportation workers in support of the Canadian economy,” the alliance said. The industry employs about 400,000 people.

Major fleets are planning barbecues, truck washes, rodeos, breakfasts and special giveaways to employees during the week.

The alliance has urged carriers to print messages to bring the trucking community together to celebrate a job well done.

“By telling the story of truck drivers, we tell the story of the entire industry,” said CTA chair Scott Smith.

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