Ecco unveils new, improved lighting

Ecco is shining the spotlight on three new product lines, and upgrades to two other lighting units. ET0010 Roadside Warning Kits for roadside and emergency responders come with four rechargeable warning devices that emit nine flash patterns with 360-degree coverage. Drawing on a lithium-ion battery, they can run up to 12 hours on a charge, which can be replenished in six hours.

The ED9040, meanwhile, is a directional light that can be mounted on a bumper, fender, or virtually any surface. Its flush-mount design includes six LED heads with between 26 (single-color) and 69 (dual-color) flash patterns. Ecco is also offering shorter lengths of its 12+ Series Vantage lightbars, with options between 24 and 72 inches.

Even the 24-inch design has eight single- or dual-color LED heads.

And new work lights include the EW4008 and EW4009 for snowplow applications or any vehicle that regularly travels through inclement weather.

The EW4008 headlamps will deliver up to 2,400 lumens in a high-beam setting, while the heavy-duty EW4009 features heated lamps that adjust their heat output based on ambient temperatures.

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