Irish warehouses stockpiling ahead of Brexit

HOUSEHOLD items manufactured in the UK are being stockpiled in warehouses across Ireland in advance of a potential no-deal Brexit. Toilet rolls, tea and cereals are just some of the everyday items being hoarded. Other consumer favourites including Heinz beans, Lucozade, Hob Nobs, Lyons Tea, Fairy Liquid and HB ice cream have been placed on `watch-lists’ by Irish supermarkets keen to ensure that supplies don’t run low in the coming months.

It has been reported that that some warehouse owners have been forced to turn away some trade from manufacturers in the north and Britain. Chris Smyth of Perennial Freight in Rosslare in Co Wexford said stockpiling has been going on for six months. “There is no warehouse space left in the country and we are now seeing trailers being rented out to store goods,” he told the Irish Mail on Sunday.

“There are huge volumes coming in of raw materials for the construction trade, such as plasterboards and insulation.” John Dawson, a customs clearance agent and director of Bell Transport and Logistics in Waterford said: “If there’s a no deal there’s going to be a lot of trouble “The country is not prepared for it.

There’s a huge amount of food stuffs coming in, and animal products. “Cereals and toilet rolls are also being stockpiled as they are made in the UK, but some of those will be able to be brought in from Europe.” Veronica Murphy, president of the Irish Road Haulage Association, said hauliers are concerned about possible delays at ports.

“There is a palpable fear at the moment.We expect to lose work, we expect to lose drivers, our costs are going to increase and we hope to pass it on, because we certainly can’t absorb it.”

However, supermarket chain Lidl has said it does not “”anticipate any shortages”.

It says it had 200 Irish suppliers on its books providing over half its everyday range, adding while some produce comes through the UK land bridge it has put in place “alternative logistical arrangements to maintain the supply of these goods”.

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