'It's like being an indentured servant': Truck drivers reveal the worst parts of their jobs

In the US, some 71% of freight by weight is moved by a truck.

If all truck drivers stopped working, grocery stores would run out of food in three days.

Still, truck drivers are plagued by a number of stereotypes associated with them: that they’re lazy, uneducated, engaged in sex trafficking, cause accidents, and so on.

“We are the ones doing the all the work, meanwhile everyone reaps the benefits as we keep America moving,” Casey Smith, an Orlando, Florida-based truck driver, told Business Insider. “I really wish we as drivers … could get the respect and appreciation deserved.

We sacrifice not seeing family, staying up eleven hours a day driving or 14 on duty, eating poorly, watching out for reckless cars and robbers.”

Despite all that, truckers aren’t paid much but have to work a lot. “Some drivers can’t afford a shower for £14, pay their bills, or even a decent meal,” Smith added. “We have to eat ramen noodles.”

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