Lazy owner drives his dog for a walk

A LAZY dog owner has been criticised after a video emerged of him walking his dog by driving alongside while holding the lead. Wickford[1] motorists were stuck behind a slow moving pick-up truck driver travelling along Runwell Road in the town on Friday night. Alongside the car on a lead was a pet dog.

Footage of the incident shared on Twitter sees the pick-up with its hazard lights flashing, and the driver holding the lead to their dog which is walking alongside the car, right in the middle of the road. Members of the public driving behind the vehicle filmed the incident. In the footage they can be heard saying “he’s got a dog on the lead, what is he up to?

Only in Wickford, unbelievable”. One critic said: “I’m just utterly shocked by this sort of thing, can’t quite believe what I’ve just watched. “I just don’t believe what can go through some people’s minds when thinking this is a good idea.”

Another resident said: “My wife saw the driver coming down Runwell Road doing this on the night. “That dog could have been in a serious crash if it was busy. Absolutely disgusting behaviour.”

Clare Morris, councillor for Wickford north ward, said dangerous drivers need to be held to account. She said: “Over the years we’ve had some drivers doing quite silly things on our roads. “But I think it’s good that the residents are talking about it and spreading the word.

“People need to call out this behaviour to encourage them not to do it again. “If they don’t, and no one says anything when it happens, it just becomes the norm. “There was an incident a couple of years back when some cyclists were riding around and spitting out gum onto the pavements.

“I told them to stop, and they rode off, and straight away afterwards someone told me I shouldn’t have said anything as they may have ‘thumped me’.

“But we need to stop them, there has to be deterrent.” Essex Police[2] were contacted to comment on the video and whether any charges would follow based on the behaviour of the driver but no response was received.


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