'Marbles fired at windows' in Roman Road and Shoreditch Road, Taunton

A SHOP and a home were apparently targeted by someone firing marbles from a slingshot in two separate drive-past incidents in Taunton last Friday. In the first case, the marble was directed at a window at the One Stop Shop in Shoeditch Road at around 4.45am, when the shop was closed. No-one was on the premises at the time.

But it is understood that grainy CCTV footage suggests the missile was possibly directed at the store from a passing white pick up truck. Shift manager Cameron Jewell told the County Gazette: “It was powerful enough to penetrate through the first layer of the double glazing and left a large dent in the window, although the window wasn’t smashed. “Fortunately, there was no-one inside at the time.

“If there had been people in the shop, it could have been quite serious.” The attack has been reported to police. In a similar incident across town, a marble was fired at a private home in Roman Road at around 10pm on the same day.

The window was smashed by the force of the marble, which was found on the ground nearby. A person in Roman Road said: “I understand it’s been reported to the police, but what can they do without any solid evidence to go on? “No-one was seen at the time of the incident but it looks like it was fired by someone in a car driven past at that time.”

An Avon and Somerset Police spokeswoman said: “The window of a house in Roman Road was damaged at about 10.15pm on Friday, August 23. “A glass marble was found by the householder which may have caused the damage. “The householder reported the incident about half an hour later.

“They didn’t see any suspects at the time. While there is CCTV, it does not show any identifiable suspects or vehicles.” She added: “On Sunday, August 25, a shopkeeper reported damage to the window of a shop in Shoreditch Road.

“This damage happened in the early hours of Friday, August 23. “The caller said they had CCTV apparently showing an air weapon being fired from a white pick-up truck. “Again, the footage does not show any identifiable suspects or vehicles.”

Anyone with information about those responsible for the incidents can get in touch with police through avonandsomerset.police.uk/contact or by calling 101, quoting reference 5219194776 (Roman Road) or 5219196041 (Shoreditch Road).

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