Michael keeps on trucking with second book about NI lorry drivers

A Co Down man is determined to keep on trucking as he publishes his second book about life on the road for the Province’s lorry drivers. Michael Wallace, a 31-year-old design graduate from Annaclone, is a driver with his family’s business Wallace Bros Haulage.

Some of the Finney’s Bros trucks that feature in the book

Having grown up around trucks, in the past two years he has put together two photo-focused books about the heavyweights of the highways. The second volume of ‘Trucks of Northern Ireland: Through The Lens’ was launched at the recent Causeway Coast Truckfest.

He said: “The response to the first book was phenomenal and this was why I decided to bring out a second volume. With the rise in truck runs and shows in recent years interest in trucks throughout Northern Ireland has really grown. “A lot of people got in touch after the first volume and I’ve been able to use photographs from a lot more different photographers this time round which has helped so much to tell the story.”

He added: “Trucking is like no other job and people often spend more time in the lorry than they do at home. Drivers make huge sacrifices including being away from their families and missing many important events just to earn a living.

Michael keeps on trucking with second book about NI lorry drivers

A classic Woodside Brothers truck from the late 1970s

“However, when you ask any lorry driver how they find the job most will say that they are living the dream. It gets into your blood and once you’re a trucker you’ll always be one, nothing could ever replace it.”

Of the changes to trucks over the years he said: “Many of the older folk would recall having to be able to fix the trucks as well as driving them, you were a mechanic as well as a driver, but nowadays they have to be plugged in so the computer can tell you what’s wrong with them.”

Proceeds of the book will be going towards the Cancer Fund for Children and the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust, a charity to help bring people home who have died abroad.

The book, priced GBP20, can be ordered via the Facebook page ‘NI Truck Book’.

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