Motor home debate continues with call for drivers to be required to have HGV licence

Six motor homes travel within a short distance of each other on a section of NC500.

Retired journalist and Durness native Willie Morrison has added his voice to the ongoing heated debate over motor homes on north roads. Mr Morrison, who lives in Inverness, wrote to the Northern Times this week, backing MP Jamie Stone's call last week to have tolls imposed on the increasing number of motor home and camper van users travelling round NC500. But he goes further, suggesting drivers of larger vehicles should have to undergo extended training.

He said: "I would urge Jamie to seek the UK Transport Department, to which I think such responsibility is delegated, to introduce new legislation requiring those who drive large camper vans or tow caravans, to undergo appropriate driver training and testing to perhaps HGV or PSV standard, while granting exemption to those already in possession of such specialist licences. "This, I think, might improve slightly the traffic flow during our Highland summers, especially on the totally obsolete single-track roads many local people still have to suffer."

He added: "I recall nearly 40 years ago, the late Earl of Cromartie, in the House of Lords, suggesting that towed caravans should have road tax imposed. What a pity his suggestion was never followed up."

* Turn to page 32 to read about opposition to the toll.

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