Mystery as loose cow spotted on major Carlisle road

Armed police are on standby and a Carlisle cul-de-sac is currently cordoned off, after an escaped cow was spotted wandering down the road. Part of Newfield Drive, just off Kingstown Road has been cordoned off by police to contain the cow, which was first spotted by eyewitnesses on the opposite side of Kingstown Road. Police officers, including armed police officers, are on the scene.

Describing the situation, an eyewitness on Newfield Drive said: “My daughter couldn’t get in to the cul de sac due to the police cordon. “She phoned me and told me to look out of the window. “I couldn’t believe a cow was standing on the neighbour’s drive.

“It’s been there for an hour or so having a little wander. “It looks quite calm atm but I know how dangerous cows can be. I’m still confined to the house at the moment.

The cow was earlier seen by eyewitnesses shortly before midday calmly wandering near Kingstown Road, opposite the Dream Day spa.

An eyewitness who captured the cow on video said: “I don’t know how it got there.

“There was a cattle truck parked outside Arnold Clark’s and the driver was running around.”

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