Organised group linked to deadly foreign truck driver attacks, says HRW

South African government should take urgent measures to protect foreign national truck drivers from violence, intimidation, and harassment in the country’s cycle of xenophobic violence says a report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW). More than 200 people, mostly foreign truck drivers, have been killed in South Africa since March 2018, based on research by the Road Freight Association, which represents road freight service providers. Human Rights Watch SA representative Dewa Mavhinga talks to Kieno Kammies about the high number of foreign truck drivers murdered since March 2018.

We are talking about physical attacks on truck drivers.

— Dewa Mavhinga, SA representative – Human Rights Watch

This includes the stoning of trucks on the M3/N2 highway and petrol bombings that have occurred across the country, he adds.

Mavhinga says HRW is calling on South African authorities to end this violence and arrest the perpetrators.

He says there appears to be an organised clear pattern involved with messages posted on social media.

They identify a group called the Old Truck Drivers Foundation…saying all foreign truck drivers must fall.

— Dewa Mavhinga, SA representative – Human Rights Watch

He says messages have gone out warning of impending attacks which have then been carried out, and police have not intervened in time.

Listen to the interview below:

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