Range Rover gets wedged in shingle at Dungeness National Nature Reserve

Another vehicle became stuck in shingle at Dungeness National Nature Reserve over the weekend. The Range Rover got its wheels wedged in the soft ground. It was only helped out of its sticky spot after a friendly fisherman and his dumper truck lent a hand and towed the vehicle out.

The 4×4 became stuck at the Dungeness National Nature Reserve

The driver will now receive a legal warning about driving onto the shingle from Natural England, reserve manager Owen Leyshon confirmed.

Vehicles getting stuck on Kent’s beaches is not uncommon. Earlier this year the team behind a fashion shoot on Dungeness ran into trouble when their van became wedged in the shingle for four hours. They were rescued after calling for road side recovery.

It was wedged in the shingle It was towed out by a friendly fisherman

Two brothers who wanted to get a selfie with their car on the beach at Dymchurch were left feeling red-faced when their BMW had to be towed after getting stuck in the sand.

Their escapades were caught on film. A Fiat 500 also become wedged at Sunny Sands in Folkestone after the driver took a wrong turn down a ramp towards the sea. It took a police 4×4 to tow it out in 2015.

But it isn’t just stuck vehicles causing problems at the nature reserve – last month an illegal nude photo shoot was booted off the land after failing to gain permission to film there.

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