Smart tacho legislation fuels growth in HGV registrations

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09:00 Thu 22nd Aug 2019 | Posted By UKHAULIER

37 mins ago

The recent figures by the SMMT on the latest quarterly HGV registration figures were unusually high, and largely as a result of the implementation of the EU Smart Tachograph legislation on 15th June. The legislation brings one of the industry’s most important and necessary safety devices into the modern digital age, a move fully supported by industry. However, with any new legislation, industry needs to be consulted and there needs to be enough time for businesses to adapt before the new rules come into force.

With this regulation, a very tight deadline meant that the SMMT and other trade associations across the EU and within the UK needed to work together to try and mitigate any adverse effects. This included SMMT’s ongoing negotiations up to the wire that resulted in the Department of Transport exercising some flexibility around enforcement of the new legislation. Nonetheless, the industry was clearly rattled and pulled forward vehicle registrations.

We fully support improving safety in the HGV sector and continue to work closely with policy makers to ensure the rollout has the desired effect of furthering innovation within the industry.

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