'That will teach you': Biker suffered horror injuries after being run over in Yorkshire road rage attack by garage owner

A garage owner caused horror injuries to a motorcyclist by deliberately running him over in a road rage revenge attack. Christopher Askham was caught on camera ploughing into the back of the victim in revenge for the rider sticking two fingers up at him.

Garage owner Christopher Askham was jailed for three years for road rage attack on motorcyclist.

Askham, 53, and the 29-year-old victim were friends but did not recognise each other at the time of the incident. Leeds Crown Court heard the attack happened in Kinsley, near Wakefield, on December 7 last year.

Heather Gilmour, prosecuting, told the court how Askham took exception to the motorcyclist overtaking him as he drove along Wakefield Road. Askham swerved his Ford Fiesta to the right in a bid to stop the overtaking manoeuvre. Read more: Man appears in court charged with murdering woman at house in Castleford
Miss Gilmour said the rider managed to get around Askham’s car before sticking two fingers up at him.

Askham then drove up behind the motorcycle and nudged the rear wheel with his vehicle. The prosecutor said the victim managed to keep control of the machine and raised his arms up “as if to say what the hell?!”. Askham then drove into the back of the motorbike about a minute later at around 30mph.

The collision was captured on a CCTV camera. The victim was knocked from the machine onto a footpath and into a metal barrier. The motorbike went underneath Askham’s car during the collision.

Askham got out of his car and the victim feared he would be attacked again. Miss Gilmour said: “The defendant approached him and said ‘that will teach you to f****** put two fingers up at me.'” The victim removed his helmet and said to Askham: “Chris, it’s me.”

Askham said to the rider as he lay seriously injured on the ground: “You should not have stuck two fingers up. It’s like a red rag to a bull.” Askham, who owns an MOT centre near to the collision scene, made arrangements to help his friend.

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An ambulance was called and Askham organised for a truck to take the motorcycle to his business premises. The court heard the driver suffered a serious leg fracture and damage to his knees and ligaments. He had to undergo emergency surgery after almost losing his thumb.

Miss Gilmour said the victim was bed-bound for three months. He needed to use a wheelchair and suffered a blood clot on his lung as a result of being immobile. Police went to see Askham at his garage after the incident.

The prosecutor said: “He said he was ‘a bit gutted’ and did not realise who the rider was.” Askham also told officers: “It was just a horrible accident. Not a nice feeling.”

Askham, of King Street, Kinsley, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and dangerous driving. Miss Gilmour read a victim statement to the court on behalf of the rider. Read more: Woman attacked armed robbery trial witness for giving evidence against her brother
He described how he was off work for months and in severe pain.

The dad has been left with permanent injuries and is no longer able to ride a motorcycle. He said: “It was the hardest, lowest point of my life.” Michael Morley, mitigating, said: “Mr Askham cannot even begin to express how sorry he is for the pain he knows he has caused.

“He knows what he did that day was stupid and reckless.” Mr Morley said Askham’s son died in a car accident in 2009. Since the tragedy he has raised GBP60,000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

He had also set up a foundation in his son’s name to help apprentice mechanics. Askham’s local councillor wrote a letter of reference to the court praising the defendant’s work for charity. Mr Morley added: “Because of his utterly stupid actions on that day he has thrown all that away.

“Mr Askham has behaved in a way that is completely contrary to the way he has lived his life in the last ten years.”

Sentencing Askham, Judge Simon Phillips, QC, said: “You recklessly acted in a way that endangered the life of another motorist.”

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