Truck driver threatens van driver with spanner in Phuket road rage outburst

The incident came to a head in front of the Mae Som Jit Market on Patak Rd, Kata, where the truck driver, 24-year-old Hattapong Innurak, used his truck to force the van to a halt by coming to a stop askew across the road at about 1:30pm. Hattapong then got out of his truck and shouted at the van driver, Anupong Sae-ngo, 24, who remained in his van. Hattapong brandished a spanner threateningly at Anupong and even tried to open the driver’s door to the van, which remained locked.

Frustrated, Hattapong slapped the driver’s side rearview mirror, causing the mirrored glass to fall out and break on the ground, before he stormed off and to get back in his truck and drive away. Hattapong’s outburst was caught on video by a motorist stuck behind the truck. The video soon spread quickly across Thai social media sites.

Capt Suriyong Buakerdpetch of the Karon Police reported that he was notified of the incident at 2pm, and soon Karon Police Chief Col Prawit Sutthirueangarun had ordered his officers call the two drivers in for questioning. Hattapong and Anupong soon obliged and presented themselves at Karon Police Station, along with the van owner, Soonthorn Chunwon, 53.

The two drivers explained to police that both drivers had come from Chalong Circle, with Anupong driving his van in the right-hand lane while Hattapong was driving behind him in the left lane. Hattapong tried to overtake the van several times, but could not as Anupong kept moving the van over to prevent him from passing.

Anupong told police that he drove in the right lane all the time. Police explained that driving in the right lane all the time is illegal according to Sections 33 and 151 of the Land Traffic Act 1979. Anupong was hence fined B500.

Hattapong was fined B2,000 for causing damage to another person’s property.

Van owner Mr Soonthorn did not ask for any money from Hattapong to repair the broken side mirror as he said the men now understood each other and had made their apologies.

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