2016 DAF XF 510 Super Space Cab 6×2 tractor unit

On the road Making allowances for the left-hand-drive, which presented a few challenges out on the road, the visibility is very good, including from the passenger seats which are effectively in the back. The side windows behind the B-pillars prevent your guests from feeling claustrophobic.

The passenger door is fitted with a fair-sized vision panel, unobstructed by passenger legs. Although this forces the use of a two-part horizontal sliding window, the vertical frame in the middle wasn’t an issue. The dash is mostly all familiar FE, apart from being on the wrong side, although the central area has a large at panel intended for easy mounting of operation-specific equipment such as body control panels and monitoring screens.

Although the FE’s front bumper sits 2m ahead of the front axle, there’s no problem with placing it on the road, the left-handdrive being a bigger handicap on some junctions. The FE can be driven normally with the full air suspension at the fully lowered position, providing the desired interaction with vulnerable road users in urban situations while retaining maximum distance vision on the open road. The ride is surprisingly good, even on the lowest setting, where suspension travel is inevitably reduced.

While the low-entry cab sector is not known for excessive power-to-weight ratios, the 18-tonne Volvo came with a similar 350hp rating from its 7.7-litre engine to most of its 32-tonne rivals. As a result, and with only a 2-tonne car on the back, the performance was suitably brisk, particularly with the 12-speed I-Shift transmission taking care of the gears. While the FE Low Entry cab comes as a one-size-fits-all offering, with no options to the basic structure, it is similar in terms of driving experience to a regular FE.

Consequently, it’s likely to prove suitable for a variety of operations such as urban distribution, with less chance of drivers feeling they’re being made to drive a bin lorry than some rivals.

And you could also use it for fighting fires.

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