Bin lorry smashes into Southampton flats twice in six months

A SOUTHAMPTON resident has slammed the city council after a bin lorry has smashed into the same block of flats twice in the last six months. The lorry had been reversing onto a private drive at 23 Hulse Road to collect rubbish when it crashed into a brick pillar. The collision sent it toppling to the ground, destroying a security gate and leaving a pile of rubble.

However, according to a resident at the block of flats in Tulse Hill, it is the second time to happen, with the same thing happening in February. The resident who wishes to remain unnamed added that the council only repaired the damage last week after the latest one on Monday. Managed by Denfords Property Management the block of 45 flats was left without a security gate for six months.

The resident said: “It’s the second time in the last six months but they still insist on reversing on to the drive. It could have been a person or a child. “The first time it happened for the entire morning the pillar was leaning up against a fence ready to fall on anyone walking past.

“There is always a feeling of dread when the dustbin men come. “We heard the bin truck reversing onto our drive on Monday when we heard a thud then there was a loud clattering of bricks. “I went to the window and realised they had done it again.

They piled up the bricks and left them there. We have had no working security since February. “They finally repaired them last Friday then days later they knocked it down. There have been serious criminal incidents in the area and the gate is a way to deter people from coming in.

There is now one less layer of security. “For the sake of five paces why can’t they collect the bins from the road. The council need to collect all the rubble and fix the pillar.

“I wonder where else this has happened because it means less money for the city council budget as they have to make repairs. “Once is excusable. Twice is less so.”

A council spokesperson said: “This matter is in the hands of the council’s insurers and they will liaise with the property management company.”

Denfords Property Management has declined to comment on the incidents.

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