Brexit Party announce General Election candidate for Chester seat

Andy Argyle has been announced as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in the city of Chester. Andy, who was born and bred in Chester and works there, said: “I am proud to be standing in my own city. A welcoming, open, diverse and historic city, which is dynamic in its outlook.

“It is often said that many politicians are ‘out of touch with society’ and stand as a ‘political elite’. I agree with this, and this is why I am so proud to be standing for a party that opposes this form of politics, and is determined to Change Politics For Good. “With such a diverse range of candidates from all walks of life, including: a fork lift truck driver, doctors, a taxi driver, entrepreneurs, business people and musicians, to name but a few, and with an equally impressive diversity in every other sense of the word, we are clearly setting out to do politics differently.”

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Andy, 55, who has ties with Chester going back many generations, has been involved in youth work for a large part of his life, taking a back seat only when he started to run his own business with his brother.

He added: “I was lucky enough to have had a great childhood, but I know not everyone is that lucky. So, I stand to help those who have not, either now or in the past, been so fortunate.

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Politics in Cheshire

“However, despite my happy adult life, my school years were ruined by horrendous bullying, and I will work tirelessly to do all I can to help victims of bullying in any form. “If elected to represent the city of Chester, I will work to strengthen legislation to help eradicate this scourge.

I also believe racism must be called out and wiped out in all its forms, sooner rather than later. “I will aim to be in as many areas of the city as I can, as often as I can, and hope to have some meaningful and productive conversations about what voters would want from me if I am elected as your MP to represent them in parliament.”

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Andy’s selection was welcomed by Claire Fox, Brexit Party North West MEP, who said: “I am genuinely delighted that Andy Argyle has been selected as a PPC for the city of Chester which – together with Cheshire West – voted by 50.7% to leave the EU in June 2016. “Andy is a tireless activist locally, not only passionate about democracy and Brexit, but more broadly committed to energising local politics.

“His commitment to voluntary work, especially with young people and the success that Andy has made of his family business, show he possesses exactly the right qualities to represent the people of the city of Chester – drive, compassion and a commitment to improving people’s lives.”

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