Close call was 'stupid mistake' with possibly dire consequences, says truck driver

A commercial truck driver’s latest dashcam video of a close call on the highway is just the latest of what he calls an “everyday occurrence.” Tony Power was driving west and had just passed Baie Verte Junction on Monday night around 10 p.m. when he saw lights in the oncoming lane.

“I just dimmed my lights and all of a sudden there was a vehicle beside me, and I was just like, ‘What the heck?'” Power said. His dashcam footage shows a vehicle passing his transport truck, just inching into its lane, as another transport truck barrels down the highway.

The video shows the oncoming truck flashing its high beams to alert the driver they were in the wrong lane.

It’s an everyday occurrence.

– Tony Power

It was an unsettling close call, Power said. “He was within feet when he went back in his own lane, passing me.” The section of highway where this happened had alternating lines, meaning vehicles can pass — but only when it’s safe.

Power said it was definitely not safe. “It was dark, obviously, and he could not see what was in front of me. He was very lucky that I wasn’t catching up on a vehicle that was going slower and he had somewhere to go.

Luck was on his side,” he told CBC Newfoundland Morning.

Transport truck driver Tony Power captured this near-collision on his dashcam 0:18

“Had there been another vehicle, he would have nowhere to go.” Power said while the video may seem shocking, it’s not unusual. He sees plenty of close calls.

“It’s an everyday occurrence,” Power said. “You’re on a two-lane highway. People got to realize they cannot see what’s in front of me, or any other vehicle that’s higher than them…. You don’t know what’s there, no more than if I was behind another truck.”

If the vehicle hadn’t managed to make its way back into its proper lane, Power said he doesn’t know what would have happened, but it would not have been pretty. “I couldn’t go to my left because of the truck and collide, because it would have been on me,” Power said. “I couldn’t barrel in on my brakes because the truck behind me would have collided to me, and that would have been on him because of someone else’s stupid mistake — there’s no other way to put it.”

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