Cory’s continues to grow international presence

Established in the mid-1800s, leading logistics and maritime service provider, Cory Brothers (Cory) has seen exponential growth throughout the company’s continued growth to the present day. As well as shipping and expertise in customer service, Cory offers an impeccable solution for all transport requirements. Based on years of international knowledge and experience, Cory can be described as a ‘market-leading UK and global service provider offering port agency, hub services, freight forwarding and liner representation”, as explained by Peter Wilson, Managing Director of Cory.

“We are enjoying our 177th year of trading, and since 2003 we have been wholly owned by Braemar Shipping Services PLC”, added Wilson. Cory’s international presence isn’t fresh news to anyone, with offices situated all over the globe, as well as regional based offices, Cory has recently added to their presence and established their services in Gibraltar. This “allows Cory Brothers to represent its broad client base owner’s service in one of the busiest shipping deviation points in the world.

“We want our customers to feel in control of their shipment, to know where and when the cargo is going to be delivered. The key to this is having staff who are willing to pass on the knowledge to clients to allow them to be fully engaged in the shipping process. Our customers appreciate effective communication, and this remains key to our provision.

Customers who feel engaged and satisfied will always return, moreover it increases the confidence they have in us, their service provider”, explains Wilson. Working alongside Cory’s Liner Agency, the company are able to provide representation, marketing and sales support for ship operators within the UK. “We are fortunate to have a team of vastly knowledgable and experience people whom, through a ‘open’ working environment, are encouraged to bring forward their own ideas to the leadership team.

Many of these ideas have proven to have greatly enhanced what we do. “The leadership team works tirelessly to ensure the staff feel engaged, entrusted and capable of fulfilling their roles. I will often spend time on the desks speaking to all of our staff and encourage them to come to me and the leadership team with questions, suggestions or issues.

We treat everyone as an equal no matter the role they undertake, and I believe our staff feel that in the business. “As part of our enhancing culture, we have implemented training packages for staff that are keen to learn new skills (or even brush up on old skills!). We have an excellent ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ in place that gives all staff on-hand support and advice for work and personal matters.

We also now completed the process of bring our HR services back in-house, employing top talent to provide the exceptional level of resource to our staff whom so richly deserve it”, adds Wilson.

It should not come as a surprise that the same service is extended to customers.

With this, Cory is looking for further success, to leave Cory in the strongest place possible.

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