Council garbage truck driver fined B1k for brake failure ending in 10-car Patong pile-up

Police were called to the scene, in front of Suwankiriwong Temple (Wat Patong) at 8:45am, reported Lt Kwansirinat Thairat of the Patong Police. Kusoldharm rescue workers and EMS team from Patong Hospital were also dispatched to the scene. The driver of the garbage truck, Huang Damrat, 51, told police that he was driving down the hill while returning to Kamala from Phuket Town when his brakes failed.

Unable to avoid the collision, the truck hit the back a passenger van, starting a cascade of collisions that saw a further two vans, two pickup trucks, four sedans and one SUV damaged. Not one motorbike was involved in the accident.

Somehow, no people were injured either, Lt Kwansirinat confirmed. Huang and the owners of the 10 damaged vehicles were taken to Patong Police Station, where Huang fined B1,000 for reckless driving.

The matter of compensation for the damaged vehicles has yet to be resolved, Lt Kwansirinat said.

The accident caused major traffic tailbacks over Patong Hill.

Traffic Police directed motorists around the conga line of damaged vehicles until they could be removed to Patong Police Station, Lt Kwansirinat explained.

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