Cumbrian cadets fight for honour in the Lord Lieutenant's Cup

Army cadets from across the county battled it out to be named the winners of the Lord Lieutenant’s cup. Split into teams of 10, the cadets took part in a day of gruelling – but fun – tasks during the competition’s first year. Arnhem Company, which is made up of detachments from north Cumbria, were the winners of the day scoring the most points in the falling plate competition.

It was a chance for the cadets to put their training to the test after a year of hard-work. They traversed obstacle courses, shot falling plates, rode mountain bikes, and even tested their collective strength by pulling a truck. Major Guy Harnby, who organised the event, said: “I do think that sometimes running a competition, like a skills competition, with a prize at the end… is a good way for any child or group of children to conclude a phase of their work.

“I’m trying to make it a highlight of a collective year at the end of camp, at the end of a period of long, hard, and detailed training to make it a bit of a fun way to remember camp and to go home with a few laughs and some very serious reminders on the training they do.” The first aid section of the day made the competition all the more realistic with piercing screams ringing across the grounds and fake blood covering the ‘casualties’. An orienteering stand challenged the team captains to navigate their group towards markers.

There are hopes that this will become a fun tradition for cadets.

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