Fatal crash fears at A2 junction

A campaigner fears there could be a fatal car crash at a problem junction. Concerns have surrounded the route for several years as foreign lorries have regularly been seen travelling along the wrong side of Bonny Bush Hill towards Bridge after leaving the A2 slip road. Footage of a near miss courtesy of Simon Nicol

Nailbourne councillor Mike Sole is calling for further signage to be erected at the junction in order to make it clearer to motorists they are about to enter a single carriageway road.

He says in recent weeks he saw a lorry almost collide with a car after travelling in the wrong lane road for about 400 metres. "I was driving up Bonny Bush Hill, coming from Kingston, and just as we got to the slip road a lorry pulled out in front of us and drove on the right-hand side towards Bridge," he said.

A lorry on the wrong side of the road. Picture: Simon Nicol

"I followed it sounding my horn and flashing my lights to try to attract the attention of the driver. "He almost got to Coldharbour Lane before he quickly swerved into the left-hand lane when a vehicle was coming towards him."

One resident took to Facebook to say his wife's car was written off near the junction after she crashed into a truck travelling the wrong way. And KentOnline has obtained dashcam showing a lorry careering towards him in 2015.

"My worry is that there is going to be a fatal accident there," Cllr Sole added. "Lorries and coaches have been coming off that slip road and driving on the wrong side of the road towards oncoming traffic - it's an accident waiting to happen.

"It's definitely got worse over the years. It's obviously happening quite a lot." Highways England says it recently conducted a review of the junction, but concluded no further measures were needed.

A spokesman added: "There is a multi-language sign on the approach to the junction, and signs on Bonnie Bush Hill, to advise drivers of various nationalities of the road layout.

"We are confident the junction meets our high safety standards." Cllr Sole urged Kent County Council to speed up plans to paint white arrows close to the junction. KCC was unavailable for comment.

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