Funeral procession held at Colyton Carnival over potential closure of town's fire station

Campaigners fighting proposals to close Colyton Fire Station walked a funeral procession during the town’s carnival parade on Saturday (September 7). A coffin with the words RIP Colyton Fire Station was pulled along behind the town’s fire truck followed by several protestors. Girls from Colyton’s Rainbow and Brownies dressed as future female firefighters to support those trying to keep the town’s fire station open.

Karen Rattew, unit leader, told ITV News they are keen to encourage the girls that they can grow up to be future fire fighters too. Colyton’s fire station is one of eight fire stations across Devon and Somerset facing possible closure as the service tries to save GBP8.5 million over the next three years. The fire service announced the proposals in June, and said changes are needed because stations like Colyton, attend only a handful of fires each year and have more resources than they need.

Devon and Somerset Fire are in the middle of a 12-week public consultation running until 20 September.

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