House fire in Exeter started by sunlight through Christmas ornament

A fire was started in a house by sunlight shining through a Christmas ornament. Three fire crews attended the scene in Farm Hill, Exeter, after curtains caught alight. An aerial ladder truck was also sent to the three-storey home where firefighters arrived to find smoke billowing from the second floor.

The call was received at about 1.20pm today (Thursday, September 19). Firefighters from Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service donned breathing equipment and used a hose jet to tackle the flames. After an investigation it was believed that the blaze was started by sunlight refracted through a glass-domed Christmas ornament on a windowsill which set the curtains on fire.

The service posted on its website: "Three fire engines and one aerial ladder platform were mobilised to above location following reports of a suspected property fire. "Upon arrival this was found to be a three-storey dwelling with smoke issuing from the second floor. Crews got to work immediately with 2 breathing apparatus and one hosereel jet.

"Fire is now all but out and crews are dampening down.

"Following investigations, this fire is now believed to have been caused accidentally by refracted sunlight coming from a glass domed Christmas ornament on the window sill which set the curtains on fire."

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