Judge doesn't want to 'ruin lives' of teenagers who tried to sneak in drugs to Truck Festival

A TEENAGE boyfriend and girlfriend caught with about GBP1,700 drugs at Truck Festival have been spared jail. Passing sentence Judge Daly said he ‘didn’t want to ruin their lives’ by putting them behind bars. The couple, Zyta Gudalewska, 18, of Midgham, Surrey, and Adam Hawkins, 18, of Poynders Gardens, London appeared at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

They had been caught by police and sniffer dogs trying to smuggle drugs into Truck Festival at last year’s annual event. Gudalewska admitted possession with intent to supply class A drug MDMA as well as simple possession of psychedelic drug 2C-B. Hawkins pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply LSD and MDMA as well as class B drug Ketamine.

The court heard how the pair had walked past ‘several drug amnesty’ binds before they were caught. Read more: Teens warned to expect jail Hawkins, who was 17 at the time, was caught with GBP1,190 worth of drugs, carrying only GBP8.50 on him for the weekend.

Gudalewska, also 17 at the time, had drugs hidden in her bra worth about GBP500. The pair had clubbed together with a group of friends to buy the gear and had plans to ‘divvy’ the drugs up when they got inside, the court heard. They had not planned on selling the drugs to strangers, and therefore were not technically supplying, the defence team argued.

Since the offence Gudalewska is now studying jewellery design at a university in London with plans to study fashion afterwards. Hawkins was selling leaflets but had to give it up when he was given a curfew for committing a robbery at knifepoint. At the time he had been caught carrying the mask, a knife and some cocaine.

But he hadn’t committed any more offences in nearly a year and has moved out of his family home into a youth hostel. He had also been diagnosed with ADHD, which was dubbed the ‘root of his problems’. Sentencing Judge Daly explained: “You were at a period in your life when you were going through a rough time.

You had undiagnosed ADHD and I am told you are now due to receive treatment.” Read more: No jail for thug who poured whisky down pregnant woman’s mouth Handing out a community order with 150 hours of unpaid work, the Judge added: “You are also going to be under supervision for 24 months.”

He continued:”Miss Gudalewska, you were only 17-years-old when you committed this offence. You are 18 now and 14 months can be a long time at that age. “I don’t want to ruin your life.

I don’t want to ruin Mr Hawkins’ life. This could have ruined your life. “I am sentencing you to a community order of 12 months, 120 hours of unpaid work.”

He went on: “Both of you are now 18 years old and are now adult.

Any further offending you will be sentenced as an adult.

Any more class A drug offences and you will be going to prison.”

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