Ladyboys of Bangkok show cancelled after tragic M62 death because prop lorry stuck on motorway

A performance of the Ladyboys of Bangkok at a Yorkshire theatre had to be cancelled because the lorry transporting all the props and costumes got stuck in the M62 closure. The show had been due to be performed at Bridlington Spa Theatre on Thursday evening but had to be pulled after the prop lorry was trapped on the M62 closure from 11am until after 6pm.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok had to be cancelled due to the M62 death

The carriageway was closed while police dealt with a multiple vehicle collision between a car transporter, another lorry and two cars. Police later confirmed the death of a 51-year-old woman from Google as a result of the crash.

A 47-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of death by dangerous driving. A spokesman for the show said: “The whole team were very upset about cancelling our appearance after the terrible accident and the tour coach spent 5 hours stationary on the M62 near Huddersfield, eventually all the vehicles were being turned around , but the articulated lorry carrying all the props, sets and over 400 costumes did not move from its position on the motorway from 11 am until after 6pm as it was nearly an hour further along the motorway just about 200 yards away from the devastating scene. “All the drivers and people stuck in this horrendous queue rallied around and shared supplies and lent people phone chargers to each other, everyone was helping each other out.

“However, very sadly as we still had no sign of moving, with two and a half hours to go until curtain up, the very disappointing decision was made between myself, Binky Beaumont and the wonderful team at the Bridlington Spa theatre, that as we would not arrive with the truck until after 8pm and the set up would take at least two hours sadly the show had to be cancelled.

Binky Beaumont for Exchange Events Ltd said: “‘The whole team were deeply saddened to hear about the tragic accident and our sincere sympathies are sent to the people involved, the decision to cancel the show was not taken lightly and it was a tough decision to have to make.

“We just would not have been ready to start until 9.30 pm which is when we usually finish, all patrons will get a refund and early this morning myself and the team at the Spa agreed a return date for 2020 and a reduced price tickets for the show when exchanged or booked before the end of December of GBP22, we look forward to bringing the new show back to Bridlington next year on October 5, 2020.”

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