Letter: High speed internet, not new pike exit

To the editor: High-speed internet is the highway to new prosperity in Becket. Not another exit on the Mass.

Turnpike between Lee and Westfield. The real estate market in Becket and the surrounding communities has been flat since 2008. Prospective buyers are looking for the serenity of country living, but still need to stay connected with the outside world effectively online.

It’s been five years since the subject of expanded broadband was broached at a Becket town meeting and it will be another two years before we’re on board with service — we hope. The proposed new exit is estimated to cost in excess of £38 million. Those funds could be redirected to fast track the fiber optic service in Berkshire County comparable to speeds available in Boston and other parts of the state.

Which highway of opportunity makes more sense for the future prosperity of the area? Indian Lake in Becket is a small concerned community with over 125 families living in a tranquil setting of private roads and beautiful landscapes. It is located approximately one mile from the proposed exit in Otis on a two-lane road that winds through the community.

A little over 10 years ago, a dormant granite quarry in Becket was on the market for sale and scheduled to reopen. The Indian Lake residents banded together to raise money and purchased the property. This land was put into a trust and is now open to the public as a hiking trail and scenic vista.

There were concerns then as now as to the increase in heavy truck traffic on our local roads and positive action was taken. The future prosperity of Becket and the other small towns in Berkshire County does not depend on creating another exit on the Mass Turnpike between Lee and Westfield. Ted and Barbara Ginsburg,



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