Lorry driver hailed for his actions at Five Lane Ends

A LORRY driver believed to have suffered a medical episode at the wheel has been hailed for his actions.  The HGV is thought to have careered across the major Five Lane Ends roundabout this afternoon, causing huge delays as emergency services worked at the scene. Reports suggest the male driver suffered a medical episode at the wheel and tried to drive on to the roundabout to prevent anyone being injured. 

He was taken to the Bradford Royal Infirmary, but West Yorkshire Police has not yet confirmed his condition to the Telegraph & Argus. It is understood the Joda Freight lorry was coming from Highfield Road and came to a stop on Idle Road, near the Lane Ends pub.  Writing on the Telegraph & Argus Facebook page, David Greasley said: “I was behind him.

Children stood at the bus stop.  “I personally think he tried to put it onto the roundabout, to prevent anybody getting injured or worse still killed.” He added that CPR was carried out at the side of the lorry.

Mr Greasley said the lorry “seemed to swerve” near the shop at the roundabout and looked like it had gone over it, then ended up on Idle Road. He said: “Then I looked over saw some children on Highfield Road bus stop, then I looked over to see people at the shop where the bollards had been hit. “So I drove around the roundabout to make sure there was no one injured.

It was manic.” He said he was going to stop to clear the debris on the road, but there were too many cars and when he came off the roundabout, he saw CPR being carried out on a man. Another onlooker at the scene said: “There seemed to be an awful lot of lorries around from Joda, about four.

I don’t know what they were doing at the scene.  “You had to look quite hard to see the damage to the lorry.  “When you consider how far it has gone and what it has gone through, it was almost undamaged. 

“A lot of people were very frustrated by it – the cordon was huge. Police had lots of people to deal with and stop walking through their scene. “It’s amazing when you think where that lorry had gone through, demolishing bollards, taking out a roundabout and coming to rest so far away from that scene – to think nobody got hurt
is amazing.”

The incident, which happened at around 2.15pm, caused huge delays in the surrounding area as a number of road closures had to be put in place. 

West Yorkshire Police were advising people to avoid the area due to the “significant traffic disruption”. 

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