M56 closure: 'Horrendous' multi-vehicle crash shuts motorway causing 10 miles of tailbacks

The M56 was forced to close for more than five hours near Warrington following a serious crash involving several vehicles . Police, paramedics, firefighters and two Air Ambulances were rushed to the scene between junctions 10 and nine, which witnesses described as 'horrendous'. Others said they had "never seen anything like it before".

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Queues stretched back more than 10 miles and there were also traffic jams on the M6 southbound earlier today (September 19).

Highways England have not yet confirmed how long the closure will be in place, but said it will remain shut while investigations are ongoing.

Two Air Ambulances attended

The collision is believed to have involved a truck and multiple other vehicles, and occurred on the eastbound carriageway. It temporarily caused the westbound carriageway to close, but this reopened around 6pm.

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According to one motorist: "There has been a massive crash and they've shut off the motorway heading eastbound. I'd say there are around five vehicles involved including a truck.

"There are miles and miles of queues and emergency services everywhere. There are fire engines, ambulances and police with police taking statements from people at the side of the road."

Queues stretched back more than 10 miles

She told North Wales Live: "People are getting out of their cars to see what is happening. I've never seen anything like it before."

A number of drivers stuck in traffic on the eastbound carriageway missed the evening's Manchester United fixture, which kicked off at 8pm. Diversions were put in place for those not caught in the closure, and traffic officers began the long process of turning 'around 10,000' cars around.

M56 closure: 'Horrendous' multi-vehicle crash shuts motorway causing 10 miles of tailbacksFootage showed ambulances among the emergency services on the scene

Cheshire Police tweeted: "Emergency services remain at the scene of the serious collision on the M56 EB carriageway between junctions 9 and 10. One lane will shortly be opened to release the trapped traffic only, but the closure will remain in place for some time yet.

Please avoid the area if you can." No details have emerged yet on those injured in the collision and investigations are contining. CheshireLive is awaiting comment from the emergency services.


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