Not enough – council's response to no deal Brexit funding pledge

Published: 01:00 Thursday 26 September 2019 Share this article Share this article

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THE COUNCIL has said additional funding awarded to the port of Portsmouth is insufficient to deal with the impact of Brexit.

Sixteen ports, including Portsmouth, have been awarded a share of GBP10 million to improve infra-structure to deal with the expected increased traffic congestion as a result of Brexit.

Councillor Ben Dowling said: 'The amounts being talked about would not be enough to cater for the impacts of a no deal Brexit. We are in the process of putting measures in place but greater funding is required.' The fund provides ports up to GBP1m each to deliver important infrastructure upgrades, including more space for HGV parking and container storage as well as enhanced vehicle access facilities and signage to help keep traffic and trade flowing smoothly across the border.

The fund comes as part of a GBP30m government scheme, announced last month, to bolster ports across England and ensure they continue to operate efficiently post-Brexit.

Transport secretary, Grant Shapps, said: 'Our world-leading maritime ports are fundamental not only to our success as a global trading nation but also to people's everyday lives, bringing vital goods into the country.

This timely investment will support ports across the country in their work to boost capacity and efficiency, ensuring they're ready for Brexit and a successful future.'

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