Petro-Canada adds Duron, Traxon formulas

Petro-Canada Lubricants has added the low-viscosity Duron Advanced 5W30 and Traxon Synthetic 75W-85 to its product lines. Duron Advanced 5W-30 is a fully synthetic engine oil that meets or exceeds FA-4 requirements, and has also been approved by Cummins and Detroit Diesel.

Petro-Canada adds Duron, Traxon formulas The Traxon Synthetic 75W-85, meanwhile, promises to deliver easier start-ups and better cold-weather shifting for manual transmissions, hypoid gears, and rear axles. It meets Gear Lubricant Service GL-5 and MT-1 gear lubricant standards, Mack’s GO-J for heavy-duty manual transmissions, and the SAE J2360 global standard.

It can be used where Volvo 1273,12 (97312) and Meritor 0-76-J specifications are required.



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