Police shocked by HGV driver risks

2. A director with a string of failed companies to his name has been refused his latest licence application after the traffic commissioner found he had attempted to conceal his past. Sole director Mark Pickering had applied for a restricted licence for five HGVs in the name of Venture Pressings in Kings Norton, but he made no mention of his previous businesses.

These included Talco Tool Storage, which entered liquidation in 2008; Talco Banding & Seals, which had its licence revoked in 2010 and Venture Maintenance Services, which continued to operate vehicles after it entered liquidation in 2012. On his latest application form, Pickering stated he had never had a licence revoked and had never attended a PI. TC Nicholas Denton refused an interim licence and called the operator to a PI in Birmingham.

The day before it was scheduled to take place, Pickering emailed the TC’s office to say he would not be appearing at the PI, but “in view of the extreme lateness” of the communication, TC Denton decided to continue with the inquiry.

In a written decision, he said Pickering was not a fit person to hold an operator’s licence: “He was explicitly warned at the public inquiry in March 2014 for having operated goods vehicles after the entity holding the licence had entered liquidation,” he said.

“Despite that warning, he has done exactly the same again, with Venture Pressings Ltd operating vehicles under the guise of the licence issued to Venture Steels Ltd after the latter company had entered liquidation.”

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