Uninsured vehicle towing 'dangerous' trailer seized in Downham Market

Police in Downham Market have seized an uninsured vehicle and “dangerous” trailer. Photo: Norfolk Constabulary

Norfolk Constabulary

Police have seized an uninsured vehicle which was towing a “dangerous” trailer, which was also taken off the road.


The vehicle and trailer were being driven in Downham Market when they were stopped by police after they spotted that the trailer was not correctly attached to the Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck that was towing it.

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A police spokesman said that as the trailer was not correctly attached, its brake lights and braking system were not working, its bodywork was also said to be in poor condition. A Norfolk Police spokesperson said: “The trailer was in a shocking state and not roadworthy at all, obviously these are exactly the sort of vehicles we’re trying to get off the road.”

The driver has also been reported to police.

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