Video Shows How Truck Ended up on Top of House, Still Somehow Doesn't Make Sense

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Trucks are the troublemakers of the highway. Seriously. They’re messy SOBs who spill gin and beer all over the road, and they are absolute prima donnas when it comes to which roads they need to take, claiming that they’re “too tall” and “the truck will be severely damaged” if it goes by overpasses of certain heights.

Give me a freakin’ break, trucks. 

And now trucks in Alban, Ontario are just flopping off the road and onto people’s houses, like they own the place.   

In a ridiculous Facebook video posted by Sharon Gauthier on Monday, a Penske truck driving on Highway 64 begins to swerve onto the road’s shoulder before, presumably, hitting a ditch. Then the back of the truck bounces with the agility of a pole vaulter and flips upwards. 

After screwing with the telephone poles and wiring, the truck settles into its new home, against a pristine and unsuspecting house. You then see a man stumble out of the vehicle on the driver’s side and look up at this new modern art installation.

The driver of the vehicle with the camera gets out and cautiously approaches. End scene. 

According to the local news outlet Bay Today, Noelville Detachment officers and the French River Fire Department responded to the incident around 5pm. Nobody was inside the house or harmed in any way. 

As for the 24-year-old male driver and his passenger, they’re shockingly fine.

But the driver was charged with “careless driving,” a hilariously anticlimactic offense for such an obscene video. 

The chaotic truck was charged with nothing, as per usual.

When will these street menaces be stopped? 

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