Wakefield expands its Canadian tough portfolio of heavy duty lubricants

Fleet and maintenance managers across Canada know there’s way more to engine oil than a generic greasy film circulating along cylinder walls. While many base oils can be similar, the difference between a lubricant that will provide uptime and one that will have your trucks spend more time than you’d like in the shop, is how the product was blended, the quality of additives used, and most importantly, which OEMs have approved it.

Wakefield Canada certainly masters the science behind oil formulation, as it blends its products right here in Canada, tailored for Canadian driving conditions. New portfolio and image With demand growing rapidly for its products, Wakefield Canada has taken another step forward by providing its customer base a broader, diversified portfolio of engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, and bar & chain oil designed to keep equipment running more efficiently, and improving uptime at competitive prices.

Our Wakefield heavy duty portfolio is growing fast and we constantly need to adapt and meet the ever-evolving customer needs,” says Dave Fifield, President of Wakefield Canada. “But our motto remains the same: It’s quality you can trust at a price you can afford,” he adds. Wakefield’s latest products have also been redesigned and repackaged, making them more consumer friendly and reflecting their strong Canadian roots. The brand and new packaging also builds on their international recognition coming in the form of OEM certification.

OEM certificationWakefield doesn’t merely meet the original equipment manufacturers’ specs like other suppliers sometimes do. We make sure our products are approved by many of the market-leading diesel engine OEMs in North America,” Fifield says, referring to independent tests that prove Wakefield’s products comply with the highest modern and clean diesel engine technology standards.

Once again, the key is the right formula, and Wakefield’s legacy of blending some of the best lubricants in the world at its Toronto plant ensures consistency in quality and products providing long life and high performance under any load. Sharing the proficiency With great knowledge comes great responsibility, and Wakefield Canada lives up to this with the consultative role it plays with fleet managers who make lubricant choices that help reduce downtime and increase profitability.

Being a reliable source for Canadian customers whose trucks operate all across North America has become Wakefield’s corporate signature. They need us to deliver high performance lubricants and that’s exactly what we do,” says Mian Usman, Marketing Manager, Commercial and Industrial Lubricants at Wakefield Canada. “Our experienced sales team members don’t just sell oil; they sell value by focusing on cost per kilometer and fuel economy,” Usman says, to emphasize confidence that trucks can spend thousands of kilometers on the road generating revenue instead of being in the shop.

With the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) introduction of new higher performance categories CK-4 and FA-4 – both rendering longer drain intervals, higher shear resistance, aeration resistance, and minimizing engine “hot spots” as well as soot accumulation – technical savviness and field knowledge are more important than ever. “Modern diesel engine technology has presented new challenges for lubricant formulators and marketers. Add the extreme conditions of Canadian winters and not all marketers rise to this challenge“, says Tony Fallico, Quality and Technical Manager at Wakefield, while referring to the company’s extensive experience with its Canadian customer base’s unique requirements.Satisfying customers

Wakefield’s customer base is broadening every day. Their customers include trucking fleets, some of Canada’s largest and most prominent retailers, truck dealerships, fuel resellers, agriculture customers, and a sizeable and growing segment of owner operators. “We intend to deliver on our aspiration to be leaders in the Canadian marketplace.

This is a strategic move for Wakefield and provides us with greater flexibility to satisfy our customers’ needs who are looking for both a premium and superior quality lubricant from one supplier,” Fifield says. The story goes on and the new Wakefield brand is a formidable player to contend with. And it’s Canadian tough.

For more information, please visit: http://www.wakefieldcanada.ca/

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